Would you like to get an offer for analysis?


Thaks to wide scope of accreditation and experienced staff, you will find Food, Package and Feed analysis, legislation, hygiene needs in our new brand Nanolab Fooda.


Life comes from “Water’’, ‘’Beauty’’ comes from Cosmetics. For Pool, Drinking-Use, Artesian, Dialysis Water, Legionella spp., Cosmetics and Consumer Products analysis Nanolab Mixta will meet your needs.


Successful business is topartner with the right corporations. With 360 ° C laboratory service approach, our Nanolab Industria brand is in-service for Environmental and OHS analysis.


We digitize our infrastructure. By integrating all our workflows on a single system, we provide traceability by recording the processes from analysis requests to the sharing of your reports. In this way, we make our services sustainable. With these integrated systems, we can prevent human-caused errors and increase our service speed.


We fully understand the needs of our business partners and meet their demands. Providing creative solutions, our company is being adapted to renewed and changing regulations by means of modern devices thanks to our innovative and dynamic structure.


We are constantly accessible through our communication channels (social media, whatsapp, mail, etc.).We evaluate your every request with our digital infrastructure and generate ideas to find solutions. We accumulate the quality of all our personnel and the services that we provide to you and produce solutions throughout the year.


Since the day we were established, we have been increasing our expertise by operating only in laboratory services. We meet all needs by adding analysis / inspection services to our portfolio of all products that our business partners may need.


Request & Offer

Based on your requests, we offer our special price for your confirmation(oral, written or by mail). After your approval (company mail, stamp, signature), we start the analysis / measurements of your samples.



We accept your samples according to the sample acceptance form you have filled in, which contains the information you want to be included in the report . The accepted sample is conveyed to the relevant laboratory units and analyzed in the fastest way with the right methods under appropriate conditions.



The results of the samples whose analysis is completed are transmitted to the reporting unit and the reporting of the sample is ensured. First of all, your reports will be sent to you by e-mail in digital environment and then they will be signed by cargo.

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