Stability Testing

Stability Testing

Stability Testing

Stability tests are one of the important test processes performed in biocidal products, whose main purpose is to determine or verify the shelf life of the product. Stability tests are an issue where companies can have information about their products and that the consumer pays attention to when purchasing the product.
Stability of biocidal products; It can be determined by 3 different test methods as short term stability, long term stability, open package stability tests.
The changes in the parameters such as color, odor, appearance, pH value and viscosity of biocidal products are observed with the stability methods. Criteria such as general temperature and time are determined for each product and the change in the process is observed. As a result of the stability tests, information about the storage conditions and packaging choices for biocidal products can be obtained.
In the stability test process, the acceptable tolerance limit value is accepted as ± 10% above the initial value. In the stability studies, the active substance content and the related physical and chemical properties of the biocidal product before and after storage are determined. Observation on the package appearance and an evaluation of the weight change is also made.

Short Term Stability Tests

Short-term stability tests are the process of testing products in an accelerated manner. The ambient temperatures and time information of the accelerated test processes are stated within the scope of the "Regulation on Working Procedures and Principles of Biocidal Product Analysis Laboratories". Accelerated stability tests are not applied especially for biocidal products that will deteriorate above 30 o C. As a result of the test, visual changes in the products, pH value, changes depending on the determination of active substance are controlled.

Long Term Stability Tests

Long stability tests performed on biocidal products are carried out especially for biocidal products that will deteriorate above 30 o C. In long-term stability tests, it is tested at a temperature of 25 o C for the period specified on the product label. In the verification of the test procedures, visual changes, pH value, changes depending on the active substance quantitation are taken as basis.

Open Package Stability (Stability Test After Capping)

In addition to the long and short-term packaging tests, tests are carried out to determine the usage periods of the unpacked biocidal products. The stability of the open package is based on the principle of testing the product at 25 o C during the period specified on the label and evaluating the stability of the product in accordance with the required chemical and physical tests.

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