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Due to many problems such as rapidly increasing population, resource consumption and pollution, the life support capacity of the earth has been endangered. In order to overcome these problems, Nanolab has implemented the Sustainable Business Model. Ensuring sustainability by supporting it with relevant standards, certification systems and Environmental Management systems, Nanolab implements its roles and responsibilities in a planned manner in order to ensure medium and long-term focus on social and environmental goals. Based on the principle that the available resources are not unlimited, sustainability is aimed by using the resources spent for production to the maximum in line with the needs. As Nanolab Laboratories Group, our sustainability principles are:

- Buy as much as necessary, consume as much as necessary.
- Take into account the needs of all living things when consuming.
- Prefer renewable energy sources.
- Use energy efficiently.
- Use recyclable products.
- Act with zero waste awareness.
- Use waste for a different purpose.

T.R. Our laboratory, which is authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, is an environment-friendly laboratory, and in addition to its sustainability activities, it implements a "Sustainable Quality Management System". In this context, with the “PR.25 Sustainability Procedure”, Nanolab Laboratories Group also supports sustainability in the quality management system.

- Zero Waste Management
- Electronic Document Management
- Sustainable Analysis Activities
- Quality Policy and Management Commitments
- Satisfaction Assessment
- Confidentiality and Impartiality
- Addressing Risks and Opportunities
- Participation in Social Responsibility Projects
- Internal Audit and Management Review
- Use of Automation Systems
- Use of Central Warehouse System
- Occupational Health and Safety

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