Cooling and Process Water Analysis

Cooling and Process Water Analysis

Cooling and Process Water Analysis

The most important function of water used in industry is cooling. Cold water is the source and takes the heat to be removed from a hot source. Heat exchange or heat transfer usually occurs above the metallic surface without cold and hot weld contact.

Since the cooling waters are used as circulating water, they must undergo a suitable chemical treatment process. The purposes of this process can be listed as follows:

- Minimizing microbiological contamination
- Heat exchanger monitoring and corrosion prevention

Optimum heat transfer is the most important point in all water-cooled processes. factors that negatively affect heat transfer; limescale, deposits and biological contamination. Due to these factors, lime and deposit inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and biocides should be used in combination in cooling water and process water systems.

As Nanolab Laboratories Group, the following parameters can be analyzed as "Boiler Water / Cooling Water / Process Water";

Chemical and Physical analysis

Determination of Sensory Properties Permanganate Index Determination
pH Determination Determination of Phosphate
Smell (Sensory) Determination of Potassium
Color Determination Determination of Sulphate
Determination of Copper (Cu) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Determination of Fluoride Determination of Suspended Solids (AKM)
Determination of Iron Determination of Total Hardness
Lead Determination Determination of Total Alkalinity
Determination of Manganese Determination of Turbidity
Nitrate Determination Determination of Chloride
Nitrite Determination Determination of Zinc

Microbiological Analysis

Total Bacteria Count Total Coliform Bacteria Count (22ºC)
Total Coliform Bacteria Count (37ºC)