Combustion Efficiency Measurement in Burners

Combustion Efficiency Measurement in Burners

Combustion Efficiency Measurement in Burners

Combustion is the rapid reaction between the carbon in the fuel and the oxygen in the air, releasing heat and light. Correct combustion and flue gas measurement in burners are also very important factors in terms of efficiency in this context.

"Burners" used in all areas of heating systems and industrial production; By mixing fuels such as natural gas, LPG, LNG, CNG, diesel, fuel oil or powdered coal with air in certain proportions, it performs the combustion process and releases heat energy.

As Nanolab Laboratories Group, we control the correct and efficient combustion of burners with flue gas measurement devices.

Our special combustion gas measurement devices, which we use in measurements, provide fast and accurate measurement results on fuel/air ratio in combustion efficiency. Boiler rooms and burners should be regularly maintained by authorized technical services. Regular flue gas measurement will reduce your energy costs and extend the working life of your burners.

With our portable flue gas analyzer, we can make more measurements with a single unit in oil, gas and wood fire as well as in large boilers. In measurements; In addition to O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO(x), SO2, CxHy gases, Rash, Pressure, Temperature, Gas Leak Detection, Humidity, Flow rate measurement can also be made.

"Combustion Efficiency Measurements" are carried out in our laboratories serving in many parts of Turkey in accordance with the legal regulations and standards related to TÜRKAK accreditation.