Surfactants Testing

Surfactants Testing

Surfactants Testing

Surfactant is a chemical compound that occurs in hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts, affecting surface tension when dissolved in water. Surfactant is a generic name for soap, detergent, wetting agents and emulsifying agents.
Surfactants are simply substances that reduce the surface tension of a liquid. During its use, it concentrates at the junction of water and air and reduces surface tension and ensures cleaning of clothes.

Surfactants are divided into 4 categories:

- Anionic Active Ingredients: laundry-dishwashing detergents, carpet washing shampoo, soap
- Cationic Active Substances: Fabric softener, bleach
- Non-Ionic Active Substances: Automatic washers
- Amphoteric Active Ingredients: Cosmetics industry

Surfactant analyzes carried out in our laboratory are as follows:

- Determination of Anionic Active Substance
- Determination of High Molecular Mass Cationic Active Substance
- Determination of Low Molecular Mass Cationic Active Substance
- Determination of Non-Ionic Active Substance
- Determination of Free Alkali or Free Acidity
- Determination of Alkalinity
- Determination of Inorganic Sulphates
- Determination of Free Caustic Alkali Determination, NaOH / KOH

Our laboratories serving in many provinces in turkey, "Surfactants Testing" in accordance with legal regulations and standards relating to Türkak accreditation is carried out.