Olive Oil Analysis

Olive Oil Analysis

Olive Oil Analysis

Olive Oil According to Turkish Food Codex Olive Oil and Olive Oil Notification; "Only olive trees are oils obtained from the fruits of Olea europaea L." It is defined as. Olive oil; There are varieties such as natural olive oil, refined olive oil, riviera olive oil, and flavored olive oil.
The chemical and physical properties of olive oil vary depending on the climate and soil conditions in which the olives are grown, the type and the methods used in olive oil production. The quality of olive oil is affected by the whole process from harvest to pressing and bottling. For this reason, some parameters that determine the quality of olive oil gain importance.

Some parameters in terms of determining the quality and purity of olive oils are as follows:

Quality parameters:

Free Fatty Acidity TS EN ISO 660
Peroxide Determination TS EN ISO 3960
UV Absorption Values TGK 2014/53-54, COI T.20 doc19
Moisture and Volatile Matter TS EN ISO 662
Heavy Metals NMKL 186
Sensory Features TS 3707 ISO 5492/ April 2001

Purity Parameters:

refractive index TS EN ISO 6320
Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters TGK 2014/53
Determination of Sterile Composition TGK 2014/53-54; COI T20.doc10
β-Position Palmitic and Stearic Acid TGK 2014/53
Wax Amount TGK 2014/53, COI T20.doc17/18
Relative Density TS 1018, TS 4959, TS 522, TS 342, TS EN 1131, TS EN ISO 661
Saponification Number TS EN ISO 3657
Iodine Count TS EN ISO 3961
Trans Fatty Acids TGK 2014/53
Maximum Difference Between Actual and Theoretical ECN42 TGK 2014/53
Composition and Quantification of Sterol, Erythrodiol, Uvaol TGK 2014/53-54; COI T20.doc10

Especially in olive oils, when mixing refined olive oil into natural olive oil; Specific absorption values ​​in UV light are determined by determining the content of trans fatty acids and the amount of Stigmastadien.
The amount of Stigmastadien is one of the most effective methods used to determine the cases of adding refined olive oil to natural olive oil. Since the amount of stigmastadiene should be less than 0.10 ppm in natural olive oil, excessive detection in the analysis processes indicates adulteration.

Our laboratories serving in many provinces in turkey, "Olive Oil Analysis" in accordance with legal regulations and standards relating to Türkak accreditation is carried out.