Antifreeze Analysis

Antifreeze Analysis

Antifriz Analizleri

Glycol Based Engine Coolant (Antifreeze) Analysis Used in Automobiles and Light Commercial Vehicles

We analyze ethylene glycol or propylene glycol-based engine coolants used in automobiles or other light-duty cooling systems according to ASTM D 3306 standard. Antifreezes function effectively to protect against freezing, boiling, and corrosion when used in water at a concentration of 40 to 70% by volume, or when pre-diluted glycol-based engine coolants (minimum 50% by volume) are used without further dilution.

Coolants are classified as follows;
  • Type I  Ethylene glycol based concentrate
  • Type II Propylene glycol based concentrate
  • Type III  Ethylene glycol pre-dilution (50% by volume)
  • Type IV Propylene glycol pre-dilution (50% by volume)

Glycol Based Engine Coolant (Antifreeze) Analysis
  • Relative Density -ASTM D 1122, D 5931
  • Freezing Point - ASTM D 1177, D 6660
  • Boiling Point - ASTM D 1120
  • Ash Determination - ASTM D 111
  • pH Determination - ASTM D 1287
  • Determination of Chloride - ASTM D 3634, D 5827
  • Determination of Water - ASTM D 1123