Stability Test (Shelf Life)

Stability Test (Shelf Life)

Stability Test (Shelf Life)

What is Stability?

Stability testing is an important parameter in cosmetic products. Stability; It refers to the capacity of the cosmetic product to maintain its specified physical and chemical properties. Stability tests can be determined by 2 different methods as long-term and accelerated stability.

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency prepared by the "Guidelines on the Use Period After Opening And the stability of Cosmetic Products" scope;

Accelerated Stability Test: It refers to the stability / durability studies performed in forced conditions compared to normal storage conditions in order to accelerate the chemical and physical degradation of the cosmetic product.

Long Term Stability Test: </bRefers to stability studies in which the physical, chemical, biological and microbiological properties of the cosmetic product are evaluated to cover the anticipated shelf life.

Shelf life is the process in which a product can perform its initial functions by storing it under normal conditions. Cosmetic products offered for sale must be safe for human health during the specified shelf life under the specified storage conditions.

The properties of cosmetic products such as composition, formulation, packaging type, usage style are the determining factors in the stability tests that can be performed on the products in order to determine their durability in storage conditions before opening or during the period of use after opening.

Stability tests are carried out on the final packaged product. The storage conditions and working time determined during the testing process are of the nature to include the storage, transportation and use of the product.

Stability tests are generally controlled for changes in some parameters:

· pH
· Packaging changes (breaking, cracking, sealing)
· Sensory Changes (Smell, color, appearance)
· Viscosity change
· Weight change
· Determination of microbial load

It is carried out in order to determine the shelf life or to verify the label information with stability tests in cosmetic products.

Our laboratories serving in many provinces in turkey, "Stability Test (Shelf Life)" in accordance with legal regulations and standards relating to Türkak accreditation is carried out.