Pure Water Testing

Pure Water Testing

Pure Water Testing

“Pure water analyzes are performed in 3 different purities (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3) within the scope of "TS EN ISO 3696 - Properties and test methods used in Water-Analytical laboratory".

Grade 1 (1st Grade Pure Water)
It is essentially free of dissolved or colloidal ionic and organic contaminants and is suitable for the most stringent analytical requirements, including high performance liquid chromatography; It should be produced by further purification of class 2 water.

Grade 2 (Grade 2 Pure Water)
It is very low in inorganic, organic or colloidal contaminants and is suitable for sensitive analytical purposes including atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and determination of trace components; eg by multiple distillation or deionization or reverse osmosis followed by distillation.

Grade 3 (Grade 3 Pure Water)
Most laboratories are suitable for wet chemistry work and preparation of reagent solutions; eg by a single distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis. It should be used for ordinary analytical work, unless otherwise stated.

Physical and chemical analysis results of pure water used especially in industrial facilities and laboratories should not exceed the limits specified in the scope of "TS EN ISO 3696 - Properties and test methods used in the Water-Analytical laboratory".

Our laboratories serving in many provinces in turkey, "Pure Water Testing" in accordance with legal regulations and standards relating to Türkak accreditation is carried out.

Determination of pH
Determination of Conductivity
Oxidizable Substance / Oxygen (O) Content
Absorbance Measurement
Evaporation Residue
Determination of Reactive Silica