Package Performance Tests

Package Performance Tests

Paket Performans Testi

In medical devices, packaging tests are also required to ensure that the product reaches the end user intact, in addition to performance and safety checks. Packaging tests are especially important for medical devices that need to remain sterile and protected from contamination. Apart from this, the packaging used should be tested to prevent physical and chemical damage to the product.

Packaging used to protect medical devices from environmental conditions may vary depending on the intended use and storage - transportation conditions, and may undergo extra checks depending on these differences.

Tests generally performed on packages to be used for medical devices;
- Microbiology Tests
- Dye Penetration - Leakage Test
- Explosion Test
- Bubble Test
- Seal Integrity Test

It is important to work with an expert team and competent laboratories in order to test and improve the quality and system performance of medical devices. As Nanolab Laboratories Group, we provide Package Performance Testing services in Medical Device Packaging.