Nanolab shares its experiences in the laboratory sector with the trainings given by its expert staff…

There are quality and hygiene standards to be applied in the laboratory and food production sector. The sector needs knowledgeable and educated employees in terms of applying these rules and controlling the accuracy of the applied transactions.
In order for the necessary quality and hygiene rules to be implemented, companies can encourage their own employees to receive training as well as work with a third authorized person. There are trainings that should be taken in order to become an expert in inspection and observation. Laboratory training, hygiene training, HACCP training, GLP training are important steps in terms of getting ahead in the sector.

Trainings Realized Under Nanolab

Third Eye Hygiene Controls Trainings:
Third eye inspection is an inspection process that covers globally accepted standards such as Turkish Food Legislation, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, BRC and IFS in the food sector. These inspections, preferred by companies in terms of determining their good and bad aspects and their compliance with hygiene rules, are among the trainings that new graduates and auditors who want to improve themselves in the food sector must take.

Supplier Audit and Controls Trainings:
Supplier Audits and Controls are important in determining the potential performance of suppliers and obtaining information about the status of meeting the criteria in the supplier selection of companies. It is important to receive training from expert trainers for these studies, which companies prefer to choose their suppliers to meet their needs and ensure their continuity. You can improve yourself and be preferred in the sector with the trainings carried out by Nanolab.

GMP Tutorial:
GMP, that is, Good Manufacturing Practices, is a system that is applied continuously in stages such as raw material, business, product development, production, packaging, storage, distribution in order to ensure quality in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics sectors. All stages about the benefits, establishment and sustainability of GMP (Good Production System) are taught within the scope of the training. As a company, you can apply for your authorized employees or individually, you can apply to Nanolab for trainings that can highlight you in the sector.

Hygiene Trainings:
Hygiene trainings have gained more importance and become mandatory with the Hygiene Education Regulation published by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. The aim of the training is to make production in accordance with hygiene rules, especially in the food sector, without endangering themselves and the health of the public. With the regulation, it has become mandatory for those working in the food and service sectors such as hairdressers and make-up artists to obtain a hygiene certificate. You can apply to Nanolab for hygiene training.

Analysis Training:
Nanolab; It provides laboratory services in many sectors such as food, environment, water, packaging, material, medical and biocidal sectors. It provides analysis training with its laboratory and expert staff, which is the first in the sector. You can apply to Nanolab in order to have information about analysis procedures at international and local standards and to specialize in application.